What is SCST?

Sacred Crystal Sound Treatment

The ancient method of using stones, crystals, and sounds to achieve unique benefits has now been rediscovered and is being practiced as “Sacred Crystal Sound” treatment since 2018. Patrick Moulin trains practitioners individually in one-on-one courses. They form a network of pioneers offering Sacred Crystal Sound treatment by themselves or in pairs.

Forms of treatment

Remote treatment

Enjoy Sacred Crystal Sound no matter where you are! Send me a photo of yourself (no older than one year, if possible a full-body color photo) and make an appointment. You will be asked to lie down in a quiet room on a sofa, bed, or couch at an agreed time. Then we will begin. You can hear my sounds via Skype or WhatsApp—or we can forego any technological connection. Afterwards, we’ll have a short talk. My partner for remote treatments: Cindy Dekker.

In-person treatment

I would be happy to welcome you to my treatment room in Pfeffingen, or in the TM Center at Martingasse 16 in Basel. The actual treatment takes about 25 minutes. You will be asked to relax on a couch. After the main treatment, I will leave the room and allow you to enjoy the relaxing effects for 15 minutes, 30 minutes

Initiation and maintenance

For the revitalizing and regenerating processes to take effect, we recommend three to five sessions at intervals of one to two weeks. Often, this is enough. Some customers like to have a regular monthly refresher.


Sacred Crystal Sound is suitable for adults and children aged 10 or older. If you are currently under medical or therapeutic treatment, please consult your doctor or therapist about whether this treatment is recommended for you. For expectant mothers or persons with mental illnesses, heart problems, or a pacemaker, a prior medical evaluation is advised. We recommend that you avoid heavy meals and alcohol and get enough sleep before each treatment.

Areas of application

Sacred Crystal Sound elevates your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state. As a complement to medical or naturopathic therapies, it can offer further healing impulses in the following areas:

  • Sleep problems
  • Distressing thought patterns and emotional blockages
  • Life changes, reconnection with your soul plan
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Grief
  • Fatique
  • Rediscovering joy and happiness
  • Letting go of the negative energies of others

What does Sacred Crystal Sound feel like?

Everyone experiences the treatment differently. Even if you have already experienced a Sacred Crystal Sound treatment by me or another practitioner, no two treatments are alike. Typical experiences based on customers feedback are:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Calming of the mind
  • Switching off from the stress of everyday life
  • Feeling the flow of Qi in your body
  • Enhanced perceptions

You might feel very little during the treatment, the effects only becoming noticeable over the following days. You can read customer feedback on the treatment under Reviews.

Who does Sacred Crystal Sound work?

Every practitioner works with a personal selection of stones and crystals. These are placed around the person being treated, creating a space of comfort and alignment. There is no physical contact with the stones or the practitioner. For remote treatments, the photo stands in for the person being treated.

The practitioner sings a specific tone several times for each stone. Together, the sounds form a stable field of frequencies. In contrast to other types of treatment, we work without meditation music, gongs, or singing bowls.


Regular price for 1 treatment: CHF 100
Reduced price (for those with Swiss old-age, survivors or disability insurance; unemployed; students; apprentices): CHF 80
3 treatments: CHF 80 per treatment

Outside of Switzerland the following fees apply, depending on your place of residence

EUR 60 / 50
CAD 90 / 75
USD 100 / 80
GBP 60 / 50

Payment options

Cash or with Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, or Android Pay. For remote treatments, please send an advance payment to my account.

If you cannot make it to an appointment, please let me know 24 hours in advance; otherwise you will be charged for half the fee.

Learn more

Sacred Crystal Sound treatment is an incomparable experience that words cannot describe. You can find out more on the YouTube channel Blue Lotus.

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