My services

I would like to emphasize that I make no diagnoses and my treatments do not replace an examination by a doctor or medical practitioner. I make no promises of healing and give no guarantees. I can only provide impulses to restore the balance of body, mind, and soul. I would like to point out that the effect of each treatment is neither scientifically detectable nor medically accepted to date.

Treatments can help to mobilize energies and trigger changes in the client’s life. I accept no liability for these changes and their possible consequences, neither in relation to the client nor their legal successors or third parties.


Sacred Crystal Sound is suitable for adults and children aged 10 or older. If you are currently under medical or therapeutic treatment, please consult your doctor or therapist about whether this treatment is recommended for you. For expectant mothers or persons with mental illnesses, heart problems, or a pacemaker, a prior medical evaluation is advised. We recommend that you avoid heavy meals and alcohol and get enough sleep before each treatment.


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