Wow, diese Energie!

Ich war eben in meiner Praxis, die Du gestern gereinigt hast. Ich merke, es ist eine ganz andere, viel leichtere Energie im Raum. Als ich hineinkam, schien die Sonne durchs Fenster und ich dachte, wow diese Energie! Mir kommt die Praxis sogar viel grösser vor und ich habe das Gefühl, endlich wieder durchatmen zu können. Es ist ein massiver Unterschied zu vorher!

Ich danke Dir von ganzem Herzen für Deine Arbeit!



Beautiful calmness

In the last few weeks since I have received the Royal Treatment with the Sacred Crystal Sound treatments on a distance, I have had such a calmness come about me. I am much more in tune with my inner being and I do not react like I used too. I feel like I am in total control of my emotions....which is bizarre because I used to be much more reactive!! I feel so calm and as if things are always working out for me.

Thank you Peter and Cindy!

J.S. South Florida, USA, April 2019

Treatment in distance with Zoom


Finding the inner calm

When I heard about ‘Sacred Crystal Sound Treatment’ I was happy to hear all I have to do is lie flat & relax! My experience during the treatment was of deep relaxation & warmth, while the body sank comfortably into the cushions of the massage table.

After the session I felt as if the body and mind had slowed down and synced to their natural calm state. When leaving the treatment centre, I imagined I was in one of those videos where the main character (me) is moving across the screen normally, while everyone else has been sped up to a blur! For the rest of the day’s tasks or duties, I wanted to take the time necessary to do them: not too slow, but not too fast either! I slept well and longer than usual that night, waking up to go through the next day calmly, with clarity and purpose.

A recommended experience for anyone wishing to be taken out of their normal busy routine to find their inner calm

Joe, Basel, December 2018